Writing Wednesday: Separate notebooks, or all in one?

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One of our most popular posts helps you decide whether you should use separate bullet journals for work vs personal, or combine them in the same book.

Personally, I’m a fan of different notebooks for different purposes. I tried putting everything in one notebook for awhile, but there were several things I didn’t like about it:

  • I didn’t like having to sift through work notes to find personal things, and vice versa, so now I keep separate notebooks for work and personal purposes.
  • I didn’t like having to copy over permanent information from my filled notebook to my new notebook every time, so now I keep a slim pocket size notebook for all my permanent info.
  • I didn’t like carrying a large notebook everywhere, so now I use pocket size notebooks for my carry-everywhere books and leave my larger notebooks where I use them.

I use a pocket size stapled Clairefontaine notebook that I keep in my bag and take with me everywhere for permanent information that I need to have on hand all the time like medical information for myself and my family, important phone numbers in case something happens to my phone, emergency information, and other long-term info. Because it’s so small and lightweight, I can carry this easily with me everywhere.

I use an A5 stapled Clairefontaine notebook (purple notebook shown in photo above) in the back pocket of my planner for work notes and lists. This is where I brainstorm post ideas, list people to contact, track who I’ve talked to about what, etc. When the booklet fills up, I file it and pop in a new one. You can see more about booklets that fit in the back of your planner here.

In addition to my pocket notebook for permanent need-to-know on-the-go info, I also like to use a pocket Habana notebook (shown above is the Year Of The Rooster Limited Edition pocket notebook) for my carry-everywhere capture tool. This is where I write down notes, ideas, and things to remember. Sometimes I write journaling ideas to transfer to my journal later.

I love the large Habana notebook (blue notebook shown above) as a journal. It’s such an elegant book, it feels special to write in and I know the archival pages will hold my memories for years to come.

Do you like to use different notebooks for different purposes, or everything in one notebook?

One thought on “Writing Wednesday: Separate notebooks, or all in one?

  1. I have several notebooks and several planners, each with a separate use. Journal 21 is my writing journal and the page per day Challenge really got me back on track with personal journaling. I have a work planner (horrid horrid paper, but supplied by work so I tolerate it); an A6 personal planner for sketches, notes about the day, tracking stuff; and a tiny pocket planner to carry in my purse. I use the Scholar as an art journal in addition to a comp notebook art journal. I have a small pocket Clairfontaine notebook to record art supplies so I don’t duplicate and the larger stapled notebook to record ink and pen combos and color swatches. Those are my most used notebooks and planners. A couple that are less used are my Vision journal for ideas and planning out goals and a pocket journal for Rumi cards. I can’t imagine how I’d fit all my uses into one notebook, but fortunately I don’t have to. Even better, Quo Vadis ensures that I can use fountain pens in my notebooks, another reason to have many.

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