Time management Monday: “Should” vs action

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We all have those things we know we “should” do, but never seem to accomplish consistently. Why is that?

Let’s take a simple example: everyone knows you should eat at least 5 servings of fruit/ veg each day. Do you? (Do you reeeeeallllly?) If not, why not? There could be several reasons.

When you think about the food you eat over the course of a day, where does the fruit/ veg factor in? You only eat so much food in a day, so anything you eat that is NOT fruit or veg therefore means less intake of fruit/ veg. You have to make choices. Maybe you could eat some fruit instead of that snack bar? Or at lunch order the side of roasted seasonal veg (and actually eat it).

The other thing to consider is ready access to fruit and veg. You can’t eat it if you don’t have it. You need to set aside the time to do some healthy grocery shopping on a regular basis. Buy the fruit and veg, and maybe do some meal planning to be able to prepare dinners and bring your own lunches that have fruit and veg.

Huh. No wonder you’re not eating enough fruit and veg!  These things don’t just happen; you have to plan for them, and take action. Once you have figured out the barriers, it becomes much more simple to take action. Buy the veg, and eat the veg.

What are some things you know you “should” do but don’t seem to get around to (at all, or often enough)? Exercise? Emailing those clients you’ve been meaning to contact?

Make a list of things you “should” do, think about what your barriers have been so far, and then make a list of actions to take that will help you actually accomplish your “shoulds.”

Acknowledge your “shoulds,” recognize barriers, and prepare an action plan. This will get you out of the “shoulds” cycle and on your way to reaching your goals!

2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: “Should” vs action

  1. What a helpful post! Thank you! It’s so true, planning things ahead of time helps us be able to accomplish those “should” goals. Though, I still find that there are so many things I still don’t get to. But, I’m making small progress!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you liked the post! The fact is there is only so much time in each day so we have to prioritize what we will spend our time on. And we will probably not get to do everything, but at least we can focus on the important things! Progress not perfection. 🙂

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