Time management Monday: For A Limited Time Only

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Time's up

When you are setting your priorities for your weekly planning, it helps to consider how long or how many more opportunities you’ll have in your life to do those things. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity to do these things now, will you have a chance later? Maybe not.

For example: I’m in the PTA at my children’s school, even though I sometimes feel like it’s a struggle to make time for it. I’m busy (aren’t we all??). I work. I have lots of other things to do. But being involved at my kids’ school isn’t something I can put off indefinitely; they are only going to be in school for a few more years. So I took on a small role that I have time for, which lets me be involved in the school and informed of upcoming events. I like the school and the parents, and I enjoy being a part of it all. So I make it a priority to make time for my PTA role, because I know it won’t last forever so I need to take advantage of it now.

Maybe your siblings are asking you to help organize your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary party. It’s a once in a lifetime event, and you won’t get this chance again. Go ahead and help, you’ll be glad later that you did.

Maybe you are at that magical time in your life where you don’t have any/ many responsibilities. If you can scrape any cash together, take the opportunity to backpack across a continent/ sail around the world/ go off the beaten track. Sure you can travel at other times in your life, but it’s never as easy or free as when you are young, healthy, and unencumbered.

The truth is, every phase in life is different, and most activities have an expiration date. Make sure to prioritize those limited-time opportunities, before time’s up.


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