Time management Monday: Different ways to use the Space 24 week + notes planner

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The Quo Vadis Space 24 week + notes planner allows you to use the weekly notes page in whatever way works best for you. You can even use it differently week to week! I have shown some examples here.

In this example, I have used the weekly Notes page to list specific goals. I have highlighted each type of goal in a different color, then used the same color for corresponding goal actions during the week.

This lets you easily see how your goal tasks will fit into your weekly schedule.

Another way I like to use the weekly Notes page is to prioritize tasks into High, Medium and Low categories.

Whenever I write a new task onto my page, I automatically categorize it by priority. That way I never have to wonder what I should be doing next. I work my way down the page and focus on the highest priority task next.

Another way to organize your task lists is by Work vs Home. This allows you to focus on what you are doing where you are.

You can look at my post on different ways to use the Note 27 week + notes planner for more ideas, and you can also use the weekly notes page for bullet journaling as I demonstrated in this post.

The Space 24 week + notes planner is available in the USA from these retailers and in the UK (available for worldwide shipping) from QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.



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