Time management Monday: Different ways to use the Note 27 week + notes planner

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The Note 27 weekly planner is our largest week + notes format planner. It has a very generous page size (8 1/4 by 10 1/2 inches) but is very slim and lightweight in your bag. Its 90g ivory paper works well with fountain pens, and overall it’s a very classy-looking book.

I love the huge page each week for lists and notes. Below I have shown a couple of different ways to use the weekly notes page. Of course the options are endless, and you can use it differently week to week if you want.

Below is an easy way to use the Note 27 weekly planner to keep track of your schedule (left page) and your various tasks (right page).

I have divided the right page into spaces for each day’s tasks (left side of the page) and other tasks to do sometime during the week (right side of the page). I have categorized the weekly tasks into Personal and Work to make them easier to see. That way you don’t have to sift through your personal tasks while you are working, and vice versa.

Below you can see the schedule page, and how each day’s designated tasks line up next to the correct day. This is a great place to write tasks that need to be done on a specific day, or to jot emergent tasks as they come up throughout the day.

Below is another example, and this is how I personally like to use these pages. I’m a work-from-home parent, and my days are a mix of home chores, family activities, and squeezing work in among everything else. This is a very simplified example of a typical week:

Below you can see how I write tasks specific to a particular day just to the right of that day. I use black ink for work and blue ink for personal/ family, so I can easily see what I need to do for each role. I love having a separate daily space for my to-do lists, so my tasks don’t get mixed up into my scheduled events.

I have further divided the right page into my daily tasks, and tracking my social media (blog posts and Instagram). The middle column on the right page is where I track blog and IG posts. I write things in ink only when they are definitely set. For example I do the Daily Journaling Prompts post for the following month on the last Wednesday of each month, and I post the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month. Otherwise I change my plans a lot on what topics I will do each day, so I write those in pencil.

At the far right of the page I have my Personal and Work tasks divided, and I have further subdivided this space so that my higher priority tasks are at the top of the category, and the lower priority tasks are in the bottom section. For example, in my Personal tasks, Filing is in the lower-priority section. You can also see from the partially filled square that I have done some filing, but it’s not completed yet.

You can divide up the page however you like to track different people’s schedules, notes vs. tasks, track school assignments and exams, etc.

You can also use the right page for bullet journaling like I showed in this post.

How do you like to use your weekly notes page?

The planner shown in this post is the Note 27 weekly planner, which is available in the USA from these retailers, and in the UK (available for worldwide shipping) at QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.

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