Top 10 Posts for September 2017

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These are the 10 most-read posts this month!

10: Lots of people have entered our 2018 day per page planners giveaway! If you haven’t already, you can still enter today. Winners will be announced here on the blog tomorrow!

9: Our interview with productivity coach Casey Moore was a very popular post from our series of interviews of professional organizers!

8: Lots of people are sorting out their work/ life balance lately! This post helps you decide if you should use a combined work and personal bullet journal, or separate.

7: This post helps you decide if you should use separate planners for work vs personal life.

6: This post gives you tips on how to constantly re-prioritize when new tasks come at you all day long.

5: Now that autumn is here and the days are getting shorter, use these seasonal strategies to help keep you productive and healthy through the colder months!

4: Our interview with Sara Skillen was another very popular post from our Professional Organizers series!

3: How Your Journaling Evolves Over Time seems to have struck a chord with people.

2: Our Daily Journaling Prompts posts are always in the top 10, and September’s DJPs were no exception! September’s journaling theme was challenges and how to work through them.

1: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users is our most-read post again this month! It’s a great guide for anyone using a paper planner.

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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