Time management Monday: How Jessica uses her Notor day per page planner

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Jessica is a long-time user of the Quo Vadis Notor day per page planner. She very graciously offered to show and tell us how she uses it! I loved seeing how she has customized the different spaces in the Notor’s daily page layout to suit her needs. Thanks so much Jessica! We always love to hear from Quo Vadis planner users.

Despite its small size, the Quo Vadis Notor easily fits all of my daily needs.

I have been using the Notor since 2014, and while I’ve tried the Journal 21, Principal, and Hebdo planners, I always come back to the Notor. Its small size makes it so easy to carry with me everywhere — it fits even in my smallest purse! — and the structured pages allow me to keep track of everything that’s going on in my life in one neat book. It has a surprising amount of writing space for such a compact planner!

The hourly section at the top is fantastic for meal planning. This way I can quickly map out my weekly meals on Sundays and I’m never left wondering what I could eat for lunch or dinner. Since the meal plan sits neatly at the top of my notes for the day, I can easily plan meals according to the day’s schedule.

In the priority box, I keep my absolute must-dos for the day, like timed appointments. The lined section below that gives me tons of space to write out what else I’d like to get done for the day. The notes box at the bottom gives me space to keep track of my husband’s work hours, since his schedule can change weekly, as well as fun things to come back to: dreams, quotes from books I’m reading, or anything of note that happened that day.

I love going back through my older planners and seeing what my life was like one, two, or three years ago, what I was eating (so great for getting out of a recipe rut!), what I was doing, and what I was celebrating. While I’ve tried other planners, the Notor’s daily format structures each day with plenty of room to write and separated sections that let me get much more organized than I do with weekly formats.

I look forward to picking up a new copy for 2018 and adding this year’s planner to my shelf!

For more information about the Notor day per page planner, click here.

To see where to buy the Notor planner, click here.

If you use a Quo Vadis planner and would like to share how you use it here on Quo Vadis blog, please email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com!

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