Marty’s Journal 21 page per day planner review

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Journal 21 page per day planner

Marty was one of the lucky winners of our Page Per Day Planners giveaway last December. He had a very eventful year, and his Journal 21 planner was by his side every step of the way to see him through a major transition. Thank you for your excellent review Marty, I’m glad your Journal 21 has served you so well this year!

“I won a Journal 21 in the planner giveaway last December. My original intention was to use it for a combination of “Morning Pages” as described in Julia Cameron’s books and as a learning tool to better learn to read Tarot cards by drawing and studying a different card each day. These two uses were to be the focus for my doing the Page Per Day Challenge as described on the QuoVadis blog.

I really love this planner. As is typical for all QuoVadis planners, the paper is thick and smooth and feels wonderful. I really like the very subtle green paper – pleasing to look at and very easy on the eyes. The book is just the right size to be manageable to hold yet has plenty of room to write in so it doesn’t feel cramped. The semi-annual visual pages in the front are very handy for an overview of the year, and I like to color code these in order to easily spot birthdates, anniversaries, holidays, etc. I also wouldn’t want to be without the monthly pages in the front for a more detailed overview for not only events but To Dos that have a general time frame but aren’t specific to a certain day. The blue type looks crisp and is more pleasant to use than if the pages were all black. The yearly planner in the back for noting items for next year is really handy – it would be nicer if it were 4 pages like the one in the front. Even though I know the bound-in address book has been controversial, I like having it. I do not put everything in my phone and even if I did, I would not trust it to be my only record. I like having a hard copy of important contact information with me at all times.

As life often does, my plans for this planner switched drastically. In March I was faced with unplanned downsizing from my home and 8 acres that I had lived in and loved for 11 years to a smaller home in town. The planner morphed into one of my most important tools for managing this transition. I kept track of movers, realtors, utilities, disposal of possessions, and other details of the downsizing process. I kept it with me at all times and some days, I believe it might have been one of the only things that kept me sane. I’ve really appreciated having it. Thank you so much.”

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  1. Are you still doing your morning pages? I do my own version and keep it to one page. I know, that is against what Julia says, but it works for me. And what about Tarot? Both of these topics are of interest to me. Glad you found support in your page per day. That’s great.

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