Time management Monday: Planning your month

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Most people plan week to week, but it is extremely helpful to plan with the entire month in view so you can see what is coming up: bills due, vacation/ travel, deadlines and important events. This gives you plenty of time to get prepared!

The Quo Vadis Monthly 4 planner has a unique layout with a dashboard each month for your categorized lists and notes. To see lots of photos of the Monthly 4’s features and more details, see this post.

Here are some examples of how to plan your month:

Below are some photos showing how to use the Monthly 4 in a traditional way. Appointments and events are shown in the day spaces, with color coding for visibility of high priority items.

In the dashboard at the right are categorized lists and notes so you can easily see what needs to be done during the month. The finances space is very useful for listing bills and expenses.

Below is another example of different ideas for other ways to use the Monthly 4 layout.

Below the day spaces in the Notes spaces I have written weekly recurring events, so you don’t have to write those in every week.

The dashboard shown below has been adapted as a place to list monthly goals in different categories:

The Monthly 4 planner is available with a refillable cover in a variety of colors and styles, including leather.

For more information and to see the covers selection click here.

The Monthly 4 planner is available in the USA from these online retailers, and in the UK (available for worldwide shipping) at QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.

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