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In the last 35 years, I have used a number of different planners, including Space 17, Space 24, Horizon 11, Executive, and Sapa X.   After a few years, I tend to make a change to a new format.  Sometimes, my needs change, and I need to match them with a different format. Other times I just feel like trying something new.

In my 20s I had a company-issued vinyl monthly pocket planner.  It was light to carry, and kept me on track with planning trips and events.

I will be using a slim desk monthly for much the same purpose now that I’m in my 60s!

I picked the Monthly 4 for a number of reasons:

-starts now (July 2017)

-Slim and lightweight.  Easy to travel around

-Prefer a monthly overview for planning

-Room for a few daily memos

-90g paper, so I can color code specific days or weeks.

What I probably will do is tuck a side-stapled Clairefontaine or Rhodia notebook in the back for additional notes I want to keep; and a pad for notes can I can tear out.

Have you “evolved” in your planner format choices over the years?


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  1. Yes! Have used a monthly for more years than I’d like to admit! Have just ordered a QuoVadis Trinote… weekly! Oh boy! Change is good… hopefully : )

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