Are you interested in white-paper Habana notebooks?

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Habana notebooks with white paper were discontinued some time ago when our parent company in France standardized the paper in the North American versions of the Habana notebooks to be the same as those in France: 85 gsm ivory paper.

As nice as the paper is (and it is very nice), the people who loved using the white paper Habanas asked us to bring it back.

As is always the case in business, it’s a matter of what is cost effective for the company. In order to bring back the white paper Habanas, there needs to be a certain number produced and sold in order to cover production costs.

So we are conducting a survey to ask how many people would be interested in white paper Habanas. These would be the Medium size (6 1/4 by 9 1/4 inches). We would only be able to produce one version: lined, or blank pages.

We strive to offer our customers the products they prefer and enjoy using. We want to know if you are interested in white paper Habanas, or if you prefer the ivory paper ones.

9 thoughts on “Are you interested in white-paper Habana notebooks?

  1. Blank white paper, please! Lines are too constricting and the ivory used in the habana now is too yellow, not like the slight off-white of other notebooks.

    • Hi Thom, the answer is, not really. There isn’t an equivalent notebook in the Clairefontaine lineup. Clairefontaine notebooks are more everyday workhorses; Habana notebooks are more elegant journals.

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