Writing Wednesday: What to transfer to your new notebook

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Last Wednesday I wrote about finishing a notebook, so this week I thought I would continue with the natural train of thought and address a common question: what needs to be transferred from the old notebook to the new one?

What to transfer from your old notebook to your new one depends on your needs. Some information can be archived with your old notebook. But some may still be in use and need to come with you into your new book. How to decide what to transfer and what to leave? Here are some tips:

Information: Basics like name and contact information of course need to go into the front of your book. I have some standard information that I put in every book (like a list of phone numbers in case I lose my phone) that I keep as an e-document, which I print and stick into each new book to keep from re-writing.

Medical info: Any conditions or allergies plus medications, emergency contacts, doctor’s info etc should go into the front of your book for easy access in an emergency (by you or someone helping you). See this post for more suggestions about medical information in your notebook.

Ongoing lists: Any lists you are still using can be transferred to your new notebook.

Continuing goals: Any goals you are still working on should be written into your new notebook. This is a great time to clean up your goals, jettison any that have become irrelevant, and revamp your game plan for achieving your goals in your allotted time.

Future Log: If you are using the bullet journal method with a Future Log, you will of course want to transfer all future-date items into your new notebook. Or, consider a separate planner for the year so you don’t have to recopy all of your dates and events into new notebooks throughout the year. See more about forward planning in a bullet journal or notebook here.

The trick is to transfer only what you really need. Try not to be tempted to transfer things you don’t need to access frequently. You don’t want to end up recopying half of your notebook into your new one! Not only is this time consuming, it uses up pages of your new notebook, shortening its useful lifespan.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of information that you need to keep with you throughout the year and don’t want to rewrite it every time you start a new notebook, you might consider keeping it in a pocket size notebook that can be your permanent and ongoing reference book. Then you can use a separate notebook for the transitional things that can be archived when the notebook is finished.

Products shown in photo: pocket size Habana notebooks with lined pages.

3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: What to transfer to your new notebook

  1. To mimic Elaine, “Perfect timing”. I bought a new notebook 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 hard cover, 90 pages to carry in my purse. I love the nostalgia of the tiny Mead ring-bound notebook and the cute paper, but it’s not quite what I need. I’m taking some pointers from bullet journals and from this post to set up my paper brain. I’m doing a contents page with topics from addresses to books to read. I may even color the edges of each section. Thanks for all the great advice on this blog.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Rita! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. Good luck and have fun setting up your new notebook! Laurie

  2. Perfect timing for this post . . . I just finished one notebook and have been resisting storing it. I’m afraid I’ll need something from it in the future.

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