Writing Wednesday: Finishing a notebook

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Using a notebook is a getting-to-know-you process. When I start writing in a new notebook, its blankness can be intimidating. But the more I write in a notebook, the more it becomes a part of me. And then, one day, the notebook is full.

I always have mixed feelings about finishing a notebook: on the one hand, I’m pleased with myself that I’ve managed to write in the notebook consistently and fill it up. But on the other, I’m sad to say goodbye to the book that has been my companion and the recipient of all my thoughts, ideas and memories. I feel like just when I’ve really gotten to know it, it’s time to say goodbye.

I archive my notebook carefully, then move on to my new notebook.

And the process begins all over again: getting to know a new notebook, starting to write in the blank pages, tucking in bits of paper, jotting notes and memories.

How do you feel when you finish a notebook? Triumphant? Sad? A bit of both?

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