Time management Monday: Coloring planner page edges to indicate different times of year

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Here’s something I’m doing this year that I really like: I colored the edges of my planner pages to indicate different times during the year.

With two kids in school, my life runs on the academic year. Below you can see how I colored down the sides of the page edges in my academic year Scholar weekly planner with highlighters so I can easily flip to the right time of year. I used purple to indicate summertime; orange for the start of school until the autumn break in October; teal for the time from the October break until Christmas break: pink from Christmas break until spring break in April; green from spring break until the end of the school year; and purple again for summer.

I discovered I’m not the only one who colors my page edges to indicate different times of the year! Chaplain Thom wrote an email telling how he uses different colors of inks to color the page edges of his Hebdo weekly planner to indicate different times of the liturgical year:

It is very simple to do the liturgical colors. Red for Pentecost, usually early June and the old liturgy goes until the last Sunday of August. Green for Kingdomtide until the “last” Sunday of November (Christ the King) Advent is purple and lasts until the Sunday before Christmass. Christmass and Easter are both White but that is hard to do, so I go a nice blue or aqua (Mediterranean Blue). Epiphany starts on 6 January and turns Green again. Lent is the six weeks before Easter and is again Purple.

Do you color code your year?


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