Planner cover options in the US and other countries

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Quo Vadis is an international brand, and the parent company is in France where the variety of Quo Vadis planners and covers is wider than in other countries.

In France and other European countries the Quo Vadis planners are widely sold in more brick-and-mortar retailers like Staples, drugstores, and supermarkets. The products are geared toward all ages, but there are more cover styles available for younger users. Many of the covers are geared toward middle school and high school students. You can see examples of covers designed for younger users on the Eurotextagenda here and the Ennji design covers here.

In contrast, Quo Vadis planners in the US are designed for an older clientele, university age and above. Our planners are high-end, premium products. There are fun cover styles and colors, especially for our academic year planners like the Croco and Noir covers on our Textagenda and Scholar planners. However the US cover selection does not include cartoons or super-cutesy designs that are available in other countries.

The most popular covers in the US lineup are probably the refillable Club covers, which come in color options like turquoise, lilac, red or black. The US covers lineup has professional looking covers, bright and fun colors, soft refillable covers and even leather. You can see all the cover colors and materials for our US planners here.

What type of cover do you prefer on your planner? Do you like fun colors? Subdued and professional-looking? Cute designs or patterns?


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  1. i prefer understated simplicity that will last, my charcoal texas cover has held up surprisingly well for several years of hard use and is starting to show its age. i have my eye on the Chelsea line as i’ve standardized on the 18x24cm format. It would be stunning in a grey, but the black is very nice too.

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