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Not all the paper in Quo Vadis and Exacompta diaries and planners is the same.  Most are printed with white paper, a few with ivory pages, and some with a green tint for a light mint look.  You can read about the planners with green tint paper here.

Three of our weekly formats — Space 17 (60g paper), Note 27 (90g paper) and Miniweek (60g paper) are made with ivory paper.  Ivory paper generally signifies a prestige edition or a dressier format.

There seems to be a more social element of appointments and events associated with ivory pages diaries.  Do you agree?




5 thoughts on “Ivory Paper

  1. For me I want ONLY Ivory paper for my planner since the touch feeling it is very different than the classic white, so much smoother, the real Clairefontaine feeling!! Writing on it is much more comfortable than the basic white. I agree it is maybe a little too much ”yellowish” and I would prefer a real off-white instead , but still the touch and writing feeling is so much better that I have to buy it in Canada every year instead of the US.
    I would prefer the option still available in the US for sure but I will continue to find it where it is…

  2. I’ll join the crowd that dislikes ivory paper. I want nice contrast and I want the colors of my ink to show correctly. Probably the “prestige” of ivory paper has to do with the fact that _old_ paper has been off-white—because the technological processes were not sophisticated enough to make it white. And while sometimes there is a genuine benefit to older technologies (like fountain pens vs. ballpoint pens; reading a paper book instead of an e-book), in this case falling back on the old is akin to, e.g., using non-stainless steel in a nib (when you’re not using gold)—it will deteriorate and rust. What’s so good about it? In the same way, clinging to the type of paper that was characteristic of a time when there was no way to make it white is just clinging to the old for the sake of it being old, while it is clearly inferior.

    • (forgot to add) …which is why, when I’m choosing paper products (including planners), I specifically rule out the ivory paper ones. If it’s ivory, it’s not being considered. Period.

  3. I used the Space 24 I must admit, I so miss the white paper option across the board but especially in the Habana. The ivory doesn’t let the real colors of my brush pens and fountain pens shine through. Everything is a little muddy, looks a little dirty. Switching from my Clairefontaine’s gorgeous, crisp white pages to my ivory-colored Habana is always a tiny letdown. Tomato-tomahto, certainly, but white planners are definitely something to offer if you’re considering it!

  4. As outdated as Beau Brummel. Ivory paper looks dingy, makes your eyes tired and messes with your ink color (fountain pens & highlighters).

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