Writing Wednesday: How to store past journals

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I’ve written lots of journals over the years and filled dozens of notebooks. Even if your journal collection isn’t as extensive as mine, where do you store your journals?

I used to keep my past journals on a shelf in my bookcase. This is an especially good spot for journals you like to review often. It’s easier to take a book off the shelf and look through it than it is to dig it out of a storage space.

But ever since my children were born, I keep the journals chronicling our lives together in a fireproof safe. It’s not as convenient as being able to take a book down off the shelf, but I like that the books are secure in there.

Some people scan their journals and keep digital copies, but I haven’t done that.

How do you store past journals?

3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: How to store past journals

  1. Mine used to be stored in a tub or trunk. Now they’re displayed on a bookshelf in my bedroom. I’m debating on whether or not to re-tub them. I keep going back and forth. I have a mixed selection of sizes in use, so I’m not sure how they’ll all fit together properly. The Traveler’s Notebook phase has screwed that up.

  2. Hello Laurie, I have only be diligent with journaling since 2013 so with about a page a day I don’t have a lot of books yet. The ones I have I keep in a box with old photo albums in the closet. I don’t ever find myself referring back to them. I often wonder who’s going to care anything about them when I’m gone but like the photo albums if any of the children what a portal into my life photos or written word are probably equally insightful.

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