Writing Wednesday: Fueling writing ideas

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Robert told us about the excellent exercise he uses to get started writing in a notebook: write your values. This will give you lots of ideas of what to write in your notebook!

Robert won a MyEssential notebook in our giveaway in March. Here he gives his review of his notebook, along with his writing tips:

Around the middle of last year, I got swept up in the Bullet Journal craze, and that meant experimenting with lots of notebooks, pens, and pencils in pursuit of the perfect kit. I’d had a MyEssentials Notebook on my wishlist for sometime before the giveaway came up, so I was pleased when I learned that I was one of the lucky winners.

To cut to the chase, it’s a satisfyingly feature-complete notebook. Inner pockets, ribbon bookmark, elastic closure, smooth paper, numbered pages – it matched many of my more expensive notebooks point-for-point. Though the cover is a textured cardstock as opposed to a more durable faux leather, it feels more than sturdy enough for most lifestyles.

The thing that most impressed me about it was just how flat it could lay. With a single, firm press on the middle, the notebook would remain open, even on the early pages. I never found myself fighting to pin down pages, or flatten the paper near the spine in an effort to write more comfortably.

To try it out, I used an idea I’d once offered others who didn’t know what to write in their notebooks. You start by listing things you value. They can be big, little, serious, trivial – whatever! Don’t be too picky.

Then, view that list as you ask yourself, “What could I record in a notebook to help me explore or embrace those valued things?” As you look over that list of things you care about, it gets easier to come up with habits to track, topics to study, lists that need recording, life goals, and more. You can even mix two or three dissimilar values together to see if they inspire any outside-of-the-box ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of things to write in your notebook.
I wholeheartedly recommend the MyEssentials Notebook. My thanks to the folks at Quo Vadis for feeding my notebook obsession. Happy writing!

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