Toni’s review of the MyEssential notebook

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Toni is a leathercrafter at and was another winner in our MyEssential notebooks giveaway earlier this year. Thank you for your excellent feedback Toni!

Thanks for my giveaway prize! I’ve enjoyed using the MyEssentials notebook and am glad to contribute a review.

The paper quality is absolutely outstanding, smooth and perfect for use with fountain pens and other demanding writing instruments. I experienced no bleeding or feathering and almost negligible ghosting. The paper feels silky and perfect, and creamy ivory is a lovely upgrade from stark white.
The A5 notebook size (my favorite!) is large enough to allow for plenty of writing space while being compact enough to be easily portable. Numbered pages, an index, interior pockets, an exterior elastic closure band, and a lay-flat binding are all great touches.
The one drawback of this notebook, in my opinion, is the paper cover. It’s sturdy and pretty enough now, but I’m not at all sure how well it will hold up with steady use and I’m afraid of getting it dirty or bent. The interior of the notebook, however, is a total pleasure to use and I will enjoy filling it up with notes over the coming months.
Thanks for sharing your product with me!
Travel light,

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