Time management Monday: Thom’s review of Hebdo weekly planner

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Thom sent us photos of how he is using the Hebdo weekly planner he won in our recent giveaway!

Hebdo planner with a lilac Club cover was received in return for an honest and exhaustive review. This was an entertaining diversion. I have spent the last 42 years having to account for my time minute by minute. With days to play with there is NOT going to be any accounting for time, but then I am retired with lots and lots of time on my hands.

Right from the get go I found that just because this planner is fountain pen friendly, my pens and especially inks do NOT know how to play nice. I found that the unattached booklet is great for a “ink journal.” I would assume it is the same paper stock as the planner. (Note: no the paper in the booklet is thinner than the 90 gsm paper in the planner.) There is section for birthdays and anniversaries, address book, password registry. There are also 4 pages of dot matrix, 10 pages plain or blank, and 9 pages lined. It is a pain to be copying most of that info on an annual basis. You can see how some ink does not dry quickly, left side. Parker in a Platinum Preppy XF is the only that clearly bleed through.

The month at a glance is something to get used to, at least for me. You have the last week of the previous month, the current month, and then the next month’s first week, all on one page.

I have enjoyed the open/none format Hebdo planner.

I have been reading different blogs and forums about how I should be doing it and I guess I am just too lazy. I am not using dot matrix paper so I can not play connect the dots and make rectangles for each day of the week. I am not an artist so I will not be drawing any pictures. I don’t need to apply tape to make it all pretty in pink, purple and red. I do some color coordination by liturgical year, thus the changes in color here and there.

(I will be going to a couple different conventions so I will have more later.)

Thank you so much for your review and photos Thom! I look forward to seeing more when you’ve been using it longer.

The Hebdo weekly planner has the same format as the academic-year Scholar planner, which is now available for 2017-2018. Click here for more info including where to buy.

The open weekly format of the Hebdo (Jan-Dec) and Scholar (Aug-July) planners

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