Time management Monday: Journal 21 planner pros and cons

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Journal 21 day per page planner

We’ve received great feedback from people who won a Journal 21 day per page planner in our giveaway last December. Here is what they had to say about the Journal 21:

I’ve been using it like a daily journal. It’s been working really well for me! The only thing I would add if I could would be a little notes section on each page. I like to have a spot of reference when I’m flipping back through my journal for important things I want to remember: like my son lost his tooth on this day, or my daughter started walking on such and such a day.


I am enjoying my daily planner very much as I used the ABP1 last year that was sadly discontinued.  I enjoy the at a glance sections at the front of the planner.  I do wish the monthly pages could be on 2 pages to have more room to write and place my appointment, Birthday, etc. stickers.  I also wish the Journal 21 had the divided sections as the ABP1 had on the daily pages.  I really miss that vertical line dividing the hourly schedule from the notes.  I do not have a need for the address section in the back as I keep mine on my phone.  A notes section would be nice to replace it.  That’s what I use it for now. Overall, this is another great daily planner for me with a few tweaks here and there because I fell in love with the ABP1. Thank you again for the planner and the opportunity to give you my thoughts on this wonderful line of planners that I have used for years.


I love the planner — its layout is, on the whole, really nice; I have a little notebook tucked into the endflap so that I can make lists; and I love the perforated tabs that make getting to the current day really easy.   With day-per-page, there is also more than enough room for jotting down engagements and making notes, so I’m really happy with it!


The 2018 Journal 21 day per page planners are now available to order from these online retailers.

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