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The Notor (Jan-Dec) and the Textagenda (Aug-July) have the same unique day-per-page layout

We’ve had some great feedback from people who won Notor day per page planners in our giveaway last December.

The Notor is a page per day planner which runs January-December. It has the same daily format as the academic year Textagenda day per page planner which runs August-July (and is now available for 2017-2018). So even though these comments are about the Notor in particular, they are also relevant to the Textagenda.

Here’s what winners had to say about the Notor:

It is a nice size, but the pages are a tad thin. I worry about ripping them quite a bit.

The paper in the Notor and Textagenda planners is 64 gsm white Clairefontaine paper. It is thin to keep the book slim and light so it is easy to carry with you. Even though the paper feels thin, it is very strong.

It has a nice feel. Unfortunately, though I wish I could use a small planner as this one for now it didn’t do what I needed it to do for my normal planner needs. BUT what I do use it for is tracking “My Best Practices’. I just entered real estate and there are things that you need to do each day so I keep it beside my computer and try to track what Best Practices I have done for the day. Wish I could say it has helped me do what I should be doing but no planner can do that but it is a wonderful place to keep it and then have in one place when I meet with my manager. So thank you for the lovely planner.

This is a great use for a day per page planner: tracking and recording information each day.

I use my planner to jot down the funny things my co-worker says about office goings on.  I’m also using the calendar at the top to remind myself of important meetings, and I keep up with my exercise.  The size is smaller than the Quo Vadis Note 27 (weekly planner), but the compact size means I can take the planner to conferences and write during lunch breaks.  I’ve also used the notes section in the page-per-day planner to organize my to-do list for job applications.  I’m trying to get back into teaching, and there are lots of documents to track down and former colleagues to contact for references; the compact size allows me to sneak in a few things and not worry about other people being able to see.  Both of my Quo Vadis planners have quality paper, a professional cover, and very handy sheets in the back for addresses/expenditures and notes.  Thanks again for such great products.

The Notor and Textagenda measure 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches, which is a great size to carry with you while still giving you plenty of writing space on each page.

Many thanks to our winners for their feedback!

The 2018 Notor planners will be available very soon, and the 2017-2018 Textagenda planners are available online now and at stores soon.

For more product and ordering information for the Notor planner click here and for the Textagenda planner click here.

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