Michael’s MyEssential book journal

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Michael sent us photos of his book journal in the MyEssential notebook he won in our recent giveaway!

Here is what he had to say about the MyEssential notebook:

I am using the My Essentials notebook as a way to keep track of the books I read and my thoughts about them. The notebook has been very useful for this. I especially like the table of contents pages and the numbered pages because they help me easily find my comments on every book I have read. The main pages have a nice intuitive lay out, with a header (or space for a title and date) at the top of each page; and plenty of space in the rest of the page for the body of the text. The paper itself is smooth and fountain pen-friendly, and a nice ivory/off-white color, which makes my favorite inks look especially nice. The silk bookmark makes it easy to keep my place, while the elastic band is great for keeping the notebook closed and preventing it from becoming bent or misshapen when I carry it. The sewn binding is perhaps my favorite feature, because as a left-hander I often have to ‘fight’ against the left-hand part of a notebook coming up and banging against my hand as I write. This notebook, however, lies nice and flat, which makes writing easy and enjoyable. And of course, I love the blue color of the cover! I should also mention that this is a good size for a notebook. It’s small enough to easily carry around and big enough that you can write a lot on each page. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give this notebook is that it makes me want to write in it every day! I find myself trying to come up with things to write in it because I like using it so much. All in all, this notebook is an A+.

Thank you for your excellent review and photos Michael! I’m glad you are enjoying your MyEssential notebook!

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