Academic year planners and their equivalent January- December planners

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Many of our academic year planners have calendar-year equivalents. Maybe you are looking to move from an academic year planner to a January-December one. Maybe you are familiar with our calendar year planners and want the same format but need an August-start planner. Either way, here is your reference for which of our planner formats come in both academic year and January-December options!

All of these planners come with a variety of cover colors and materials, and all have smooth Clairefontaine paper.

Click on the links below for more information on each planner, including how to buy. All 2017-2018 academic year planners and 2018 planners are now available.

Our very popular Minister planner’s smart twin is the Academic Minister. They are identical in size and format, with days as timed vertical columns and a weekly dashboard with categorized lists:

Minister, Academic Minister, and pocket size Business and University weekly format


This format also comes in the pocket size Business planner and its academic year equivalent the University.

The Trinote planner also has timed daily columns and a weekly dashboard for lists, in addition to daily spaces for notes. The academic year version is the Septanote.

Trinote and Septanote timed daily columns with daily notes spaces

The Hebdo weekly planner has an open format with spaces for each day’s priority. The very popular Scholar is the academic year equivalent.

Hebdo and Scholar weekly open format

Sapa X and the Sapa X Academic are pocket size open format planners that are handy to carry with you everywhere.

Sapa X and Sapa X Academic

The day per page August-start Textagenda planner and its January-December equivalent the Notor have a full day to each page, even for Saturday and Sunday. This compact planner is portable to take with you everywhere while still providing plenty of page space for your daily schedule, lists and notes.

Day per page format of the Textagenda and Notor planners

I hope this guide helps you choose the planner that is right for you!

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