Writing Wednesday: Cary’s MyEssential notebook review and sample pages

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Cary won a MyEssentials notebook in our giveaway back in March, and emailed us recently to share this excellent review and sample pages! Thanks so much Cary, I’m glad you are enjoying your MyEssentials notebook!

This is a fun notebook! I have chosen to use it as a Commonplace Notebook to take notes from tech articles and videos and podcasts such as TEDTalks.
It handles my fountain pen ink quite well, saves me time by not having to write in my page numbers, but functions well as a bullet journal and allows me to provide headers. It also allows me to use brush pens and highlighter tape. The grid is highly functional. As you can see from the sample, it reproduces well digitally via the use of the Scanner Pro app on my iPhone. Thus I can take a quick picture and save to OneNote or Evernote. Oh, not the mention the ease of the index system.
I highly recommend it and plan to get another. It is a true competitor to the Leuchtturn1917 (and cheaper in some settings).
Thank you for the opportunity to own this and review it.

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