Writing Wednesday: Ann’s Blessings Book

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Journal 21 Day Per Page Planner

Ann won a 2017 Journal 21 day per page planner in our giveaway last December. Here is how she has been using it this year:

I am delighted with my ‘win’ and with my planner.
A couple of things I appreciate about the planner are the color and feel of the cover and the quality of the planner.
Because I have been stuck on the Trinote for so many years, I am using the day per page planner to write my Blessings Book.
Every day, I review the previous day and record the blessings of that day.
It makes for a great read at any time throughout the year.
It is an encouragement to friends when I read to them over a cup of tea.
And, when I’m traveling through some tough times, it’s a good spirit lifter!
Blessings books make wonderful gifts for friends and family ––– especially when the gift giver writes in the front of the book first!
Or, adds messages throughout.
Being on the lookout for blessings throughout the day can surely alter one’s perspective.

I love this! It’s also a great idea for anyone who is doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

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