What would your ideal planner look like?

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Last week in a conversation with colleagues, we started brainstorming what our next new Quo Vadis planner format should look like.

We know people like to use their planner for everything: work, school, balancing home life, personal goals and achievements, and more.

We would love your feedback on what your ideal planner would be. What would the layout look like? What features would it have? What size would the planner be? What else would you include?

Here are our current Quo Vadis planner formats, which come in loads of sizes from pocket to extra large. January-December planners are listed with their academic versions in parentheses. Please let us know what else you would like to see.

We have several open-format planners from pocket to desk size. These are: Plan and Note planners in Medium and Pocket size; Hebdo (Scholar); Sapa X (Sapa X academic); and Miniweek.

Plan and Note planner open format

We have week + notes planners in pocket size to extra large. Space 17; IB Traveler; Space 24; Note 27; and the Rhodia planners in large and pocket size.

Rhodia week + notes planner

We have planners with days as timed vertical columns, with a weekly dashboard to categorize task lists. These are the Minister (Academic Minister); Executive; Business (University); President; and Visual.

Minister weekly planner with timed daily columns and weekly dashboard

And we have planners with days as timed vertical columns with daily spaces for lists and notes, in addition to the weekly categorized lists. Trinote (Septanote); Prenote.

Trinote weekly planner with timed daily columns, daily notes, and weekly lists

We also have some unique formats including the Principal academic year weekly planner:

And the pocket size Biweek planner:


You can see all of our January-December weekly planners here and our academic year weekly planners here.

We also have monthly planners and daily planners in various sizes, and even an academic year day per page planner (the Textagenda).

What new format would you like to see? Please leave a comment here on this post or email Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com to let us know what your ideal planner would look like!

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

20 thoughts on “What would your ideal planner look like?

  1. I just ordered the Principal planner after using a day per page for years. I will have to give my opinion after using it. But, I already know I would like to see it in a yearly Jan-Dec plan. I am leaving the rest of my day per page planner to transition into this due the academic plan. I would also like to have monthly calendars all together and not spread into each month. Extra Lined notes pages are always a plus. I can’t wait to test the Principal out. I am definitely a hour by hour girl. I need to see that time line. This is what drew me to this planner. Plus, I want to see how a weekly planner will work for me vs. the day per page. I sometimes feel I can’t find past material very easily with the day per page. Too many pages to flip through. Wish me luck.

  2. I often have the dilemma of wanting to note what is coming up vs what I accomplish. I particularly need help remembering time spent on tasks (for my timesheet) but I also often need to note current status and progress on each of several projects with highlighted reminders of due dates. I have tried to devise different layouts but still haven’t gotten a satisfying one. Oh, I’d also like to have a tiny month on the spread, and somewhere small to note personal to do items. Any suggestions?

  3. I like the vertical days layout, like Trinote, but I need a full Sunday too. I could do with one narrower notes column next to the days, and some note space at the top or bottom of the days. Also would want a full year across two pages (everything at a glance for holidays/travel), plus ideally a page for each month.

  4. I have the Rodia Week Planner, which I love because for me it is perfect. I have a lot of space to write or jot or draw something on the right page, as I don’t need too much info on the left one. Just an entry for my appointment at X hour.
    It was perfect, but for 2017 you’ve changed the annual two pages current year calendar and splitted that in 6 double pages, one for each month. (Am I clear?)
    For me these two pages were super useful to see very quickly the complete year and see what’s coming. (like the “Anno-planning” for 2018 at the end of my planner). I cannot do that anymore.
    So…. this is completly different from Sandy’s need . 😉

    Other considerations:
    I appreciate that you’ve removed these charts data. Well, I still have the phone book, but “just” 3 pages now.
    Oh, and the elastic band get a little bit slack after like 6 months. Not such a big deal, this said.

    • Oh…

      I almost forget!
      1- Could a white (ice) be added to complete the orange / black offer?
      2- Thanks for asking your customers what they want/need. It makes me happy to feel that my opinion is valuable. 🙂

      • Thank you for all of your input Thierry!

        Regarding the pages in the Rhodia planner: because there are only so many pages that can fit in the covers, whenever pages are added (like the often-requested monthly pages) it means other pages have to go, like the information pages and in this case the future year pages. It’s a balancing act to get the pages that the majority of our customers want and need in their planner.

        We appreciate hearing what you need so we can try to adjust the planner features to fit our customers’ needs!

  5. Need a red Septinote cover and planner.

    When I clicked on the red one textured leatherette and tried red it kept bumping me to leather….

    • Monthly pages is a request we get frequently. More and more of our planners have been getting monthly pages added, for example just in the last year several more planners have monthly pages including the Minister, Scholar, and large Rhodia planners.

      Something you could do with your President is slot a Monthly 4 planner inside the cover. It’s slightly smaller than the President so it will fit inside the cover with it. The Monthly 4 has months on two pages for 18 months, July all the way through to the following December, and weeks start on Mondays. You can see more info about the Monthly 4 planner here:


      I hope this helps! 🙂

  6. I would like the Principal in A5 format (either narrow rule or dot grid or even blank for the notes section) and monthly calendars added (I waver if these should be interspersed or before the weekly view.) Pretty please?

    It can be Jan-Dec not academic year though I’ve gone for academic year planners for so many years I’m not sure I want to change. If academic the monthly should go through January of the following year for future planning purposes.

    Any extra space can be blank/ruled/grid/dot-grid pages so I can create my own reference in the format I prefer either by print and paste or good old fashion writing.

    Pretty please with a cherry on top? 😉

    • As someone who was made aware of the Principal through a post of yours on this blog, and has just recently ordered it, I’ll chime in on the various changes that you are proposing:
      1. Reducing it to A5 – rather no than yes. I’ve designated this my desk organizer and have gone with ordering a satellite planner that I could carry with me around.
      2. Blank for the notes section – yes!
      3. Monthly pages—yes, grouped together (someone reviewing Sapa X noted how off-putting it was to sometimes have the month notes section come in-between a week.
      4. Extra space—always a welcome addition.

  7. I’ll never get over the Page-per-Day vs Two-Pages-per-Week wants and needs.

    BUT: I need a left-handed page layout — notes, etc. go on the left.


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