Time management Monday: Plan & Note planner pros & cons

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Plan & Note open format weekly planner

Last fall we did a giveaway with our new Plan & Note planners, and we’ve had loads of great feedback from the winners! Here are their pros and cons:



I’ve been using the planner school and work. I had been bullet journaling last year, so this year I’m being more traditional with a normal planner. I like the various types of calendars within the planner and I like the amount of space given for each individual day. My biggest concern going into it since bullet journaling was that I would not have enough space for each day, but this has not been the case. I also like the tear off corners, although I’m not completely sure if I prefer that over just an attached bookmark.

I have used the Plan & Note for several projects so far this year.  My normally planning is done with a little larger month at a glance format but I have found some great benefits using a weekly view with big deliverables are planned. Plus I still have the small reference month view in the Plan & Note.

I loved the cover, purple accents were nice but the grippiness of the cover material really stood out. The closure band always worked well without being too tight.

The paper is great quality and took my fountain pen ink very well with just a tiny bit of ghosting through to the other side. Dry time was a little extended for a planner when using fountain pens so maybe the paper is coated.  Roller ball and gel ink pens dried in a snap.

I like the tear off page corners to keep your place.

I am definitely enjoying using it to track progress on my novel as well as my daily tasks.


The one thing I would change is the paper. I typically use a fountain pen and have found that the paper does not dry well with wet pens.

And here is Vina’s excellent and thorough review with pros, cons and suggestions:

When it comes to planners, I gravitate towards the horizontal weekly layout where ample writing space is to my avail.  I am the type who likes to write detailed events and highlight things in those notes that I need to remember at the end of each day, specifically the four “w’s” – the who, what, when and where.  I like to document our life’s daily occurrences, meetings, appointments or events and use that for future reference.
In the past, I have used planners in weekly vertical format, day-per-page format, 2 page-per-day format, and month-at-a-glance format.  I find myself coming back to the horizontal weekly format with month-at-a-glance included in the planner.  I stumbled upon Quo Vadis Plan & Note Weekly Open Format Planner and it was love.  Love at first touch, love at first glance, love when my pen first touched the paper.  I love the rigidity of the cover and the fact that it is not flimsy and not prone to bending at the corners.  I like to keep my planners pristine.  Even though I use a leather cover with my Plan & Note Planner, I like the fact that I can use it by itself with the elastic closure, should I want to have a lighter load in my EDC bag.  I love the ultra smooth, heavy-weight, and stark-white paper!  I use a rollerball pen and colored felt tip marker and the contrast of the white pages and my colored pens is pleasing to my eyes.  My Papermate Flair felt tip marker did not leave any shadowing or show through.  The one thing I would change about the paper is the ruling.  Flipping through my notes, I find my writing to be too big and almost elementary.  I have a hard time writing small as the size of my writing conforms to the size of the ruling on the paper.  This is not a deal breaker to me and I have no problem writing big, I just prefer to write more compactly if given the choice.
It is almost a prerequisite for my planner to include month-at-a-glance pages.  This is where I put my appointments in red marker and serve as my quick daily glance at the start of my day.  The Plan & Note provides the 2 months on 2 page spread.  This part of the planner is almost perfection to me.  I love the size of the text, the space of each box, the color of the inks, and the overall layout.  It looks simple and clean.  I don’t mind having to rotate my planner clockwise since this part of the planner is angled at 90 degrees.  I think it’s a smart use of space to fit a whole month in one page.  If I were to change one thing here, it would be to eliminate the redundancy of the dates on each calendar month.  For example, I would rather have the month of January to only have the January dates and not include the February dates to fill the whole page.  And vice versa, the February dates should only include the dates in the month of February and not pick-up the residual dates from January and upcoming dates in March.  Albeit the layout is nice and clean, the dates made my planning too confusing to look at.  I would prefer it to be plain and simple, and I would rather see more white space on these pages.  And yes, more space for me to write on!
Moving towards the back of the Plan & Note Planner, I love the upcoming year-at-a-glance on 1-page, and another year-at-a-glance on a 2-page spread.  I find the few pages of address book helpful for the “just in case my phone dies” situation, I have some of my most important numbers to save my life.  And finally, the one caveat I have about the planner is the lack of scratch paper or blank pages.  The Plan & Note only provides one blank sheet of paper and it is almost painful to me not to find any more of them.  I crave for more blank sheets as I often use blank sheets of paper to jot down quick notes, important notes, reference materials and such.  I recently had my 4 beautiful cats microchipped.  I quickly used up my one blank sheet of paper to jot down their microchip numbers, company name, name of website, registration date and phone numbers to call for just that one information.  I simply need more blank pages and cannot have enough of them.  Maybe provide at least 6 sheets of blank pages please?

Overall, I love the Quo Vadis Plan & Note Planner.  In my eyes, it is close to being perfect.

You can see more reviews and feedback on the Plan & Note planners here and here.

 The 2018 Plan & Note planners will be available to order next month!

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