Time management Monday: 2017-2018 planners are now available, plus new covers!

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I love this time of year, when the new academic year planners come out! This year there are also a couple of new covers: Noir and Croco. They look great!

The Noir and Croco covers are available on the Scholar weekly planners and the Textagenda day per page planners. Below you can see the orange Noir cover on the Scholar, and the turquoise Croco cover on the Textagenda. For some reason I could not get the orange color to look right with my camera, this is way too yellow.

Noir Scholar weekly planner and Croco Textagenda day per page planner

This is a better representation of the color, but in real life it’s much brighter, and looks great in contrast with the black of the cover.

The Noir covers also come in blue or rose, and are available on both the Scholar and Textagenda. The spiral bound planners are not refillable, but if you prefer a refillable cover the Scholar and Textagenda are also available with refillable covers in Club, Texas, Soho or Equology materials. As much as I do like refillable covers, the spiral bound planners are great because you can fold the book back on itself, saving space on your desk.

The Scholar is an academic year planner that goes from August through July. It has an open-format weekly layout with loads of space for each day. (You can click on photos for a larger view.)

The Scholar planner measures 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches and has 90 gsm white paper that is great with fountain pens, gel pens, and fine tip markers.

Other features of the Scholar planner include monthly planning pages:

Your voices were heard! In previous years the monthly pages filled in the top and bottom rows with the beginning of the last week in the previous month and the end of the first week of the following month. Customers told us they found that confusing, so those extra days have been eliminated, giving you a clear view of each month.

There is also a place to write your timetable for your recurring schedule of classes and activities each week:

And an anno-planner allowing you an overview of the entire school year so you can see deadlines, exams, projects and holidays.

Here is the turquoise Croco cover on the Textagenda. I love this color! The Croco covers are also available in blue, orange, rose or black, and are available for the Textagenda and the Scholar planners.

The Textagenda is an academic year page per day planner that runs from August through July. It has a full page for every day. Even Saturdays and Sundays get their own full page.

The Textagenda has an excellent daily layout with the timed schedule at the top of the page, designated areas for each day’s Priority and Notes, and lots of lined space for your lists or to use as a journal.

The Textagenda also has a timetable:

An anno-planner to see your entire school year in one view:

And other features including maps, contacts pages, and notes pages.

One of the features I love about the Textagenda is the colored area at the page edge showing the current month. These areas are staggered on the page edges showing the months’ progression throughout the school year, and allowing you to find the month you are looking for easily.

I love the texture of the Croco covers! The material is a soft faux leather that feels great.

The Scholar and Textagenda planners have tear-off corners allowing you to find the current day easily. The spiral-bound planners have elastic closure straps to keep them securely closed in your bag.

You can see more details, including purchasing info, about the Scholar weekly planner here and the Textagenda day per page planner here.

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