Product Giveaways – Feedback Needed

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I would like to know what kinds of products Quo Vadis Blog readers most enjoy or would love to win!

-2018 Quo Vadis planners – weekly, monthly or daily?

-2018 Exacompta planners – these weekly and one daily (Journal 21)  include monthly planning pages

-Habana notebooks with your name or initials?

-Discontinued or one-of-a-kind items?  Hand-painted ceramic ink wells, leather card holders, papyrus rolls, quill pens, etc.

-J. Herbin pen inks.  What color(s)?

-Clairefontaine notebooks – ruled, grid, French ruled or blank?

-Surprise Me!

-Something else?

Please let me know your top two choices.

Thank you!



18 thoughts on “Product Giveaways – Feedback Needed

  1. I almost missed that one!
    I love to win stuff. Any kind of stuff.

    Discontinued or one-of-a-kind items are fun.
    Surprise me are exiting.
    Inks are essential. Never tried that “Poussière de Lune” that many seems to enjoy… by the way.
    Notebooks are an incessant need. And if it has our name on it ? Even better 😉

    But I was thinking, too, to something else : what about “new projects”, or “prototypes” ? Or even “abandoned projects”. You might have a couple of notebook, pads, sheets, etc. sitting here and there, collecting dust…

    So to resume :
    I would say #1 could be discontined or one-of-a-kind item. (“New projects, proto… could go there too)
    #2 would be inks.

  2. I’d love to try any of the Clairefontaine paper in journals or Habana notebooks for my sketching. Or, you can surprise me!!!

  3. Poussiere de lune is one of my favourite inks! Would love to try more J Herbin inks or pens.
    2nd choice, would love to try a French ruled notebook.

  4. I’m struggling on my #1 there are a few items that seem fun!

    2. J Herbin inks (any of the colours, I’m trying to step away from my two favourites gris nuage [friends said it was too light a grey] and poussiere de lune). It might be fun to have 2-3 colours of cartridges to test?

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