How Dirk’s father uses his Journal 21 day per page planner

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Journal 21 page per day planner

Dirk won a Journal 21 day per page planner in our giveaway last December. Recently we received a wonderful email from him; he gave his Journal 21 to his 90 year old father. Here is how he’s been using it:

In December you sent me a red-covered Journal 21 Daily Planner, and I thought you might like to know how much it’s been appreciated.

You sent it to me after drawing my name in an online contest. I gave it to my 90-year-old father, who writes in it every day. At the end of the year he asked me to pick up a pocket calendar for him, in which he could keep a diary and notes about each day. I told him about the planner you sent me, and he loved the idea of using a larger format than he used the past couple of years.

He has some mobility problems with his hands, and the Journal 21 is the perfect size: it’s large enough for him to handle and write in. He loves the page-a-day format. That has given him enough room to write about what he did, who visited, and other notes. Sometimes he reads to me his entry for the day, so I know he’s enjoying the planner.

I also showed him how easy it will be for me to refill it next fall for 2018. He liked that detail, too, because he likes the planner’s red cover that makes it easy for him to see on his table.

Thank you very much. You made me and my father happy.


Thank you so much for this wonderful story Dirk! I’m so glad your father is enjoying his Journal 21!

For more information about the Journal 21 planner including where to buy, click here.

Club style cover in Red

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