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Exacompta planners are sought after for their smooth paper and extra monthly planning pages.

Exacompta — a play on the words “Exact Accounting” — was started in 1928 in Paris. At a time when accounting was done by hand, Exacompta manufactured ledgers of exceptional quality. Each ledger was finely bound, with thick mint or ivory paper and crisp, clear print.

Exacompta has grown over the years to become a leading office supply manufacturer in Europe.  They still produce some accounting ledgers, but expanded their expertise into diaries and planners.

In a subtle nod to their heritage as ledgers, three of our Exacompta planners are printed on Registre Azur paper. This special paper has a subtle green tint which is scientifically calibrated to be restful on the eyes.

Space 24 and Visual are weekly planners, and Journal 21 is daily planner.

Having used planners with ivory, white and Registre Azur paper over the years, I have to agree the green tint makes the page more user friendly, in that it makes writing less intimidating than the pure white or elegant ivory.

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  1. I have always loved to use green tinted paper. It is definitely the easiest on the eyes. I generally buy paper based on the smoothness, thus Clairefontaine is my paper of choice. Second is Tomoe River due to the obvious awesomeness of the experience when writing on it. I like white paper when I really want my ink color to pop, but it is more harsh on the eyes than ivory or green tinted.

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