Does “Made in the USA” Mean Anything?

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One on-going debate we have in the office is about highlighting “Made in the USA” on our Quo Vadis products.

We need to redesign the product bands for the 2019 editions, which means we need to complete them by next fall.  What information should we include on them?  Should “Made in USA” feature prominently?

If you see a product that is “Made in the USA” are you attracted to purchase it?  If it costs 10% or 20% more than a product made elsewhere will you still buy it?  Is “Made in USA” a factor at all in your purchasing decisions?

Your thoughts and feedback on this subject would be really appreciated.  Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Does “Made in the USA” Mean Anything?

  1. I like to know where my products are made, but I do not want large symbols to explain that. Make it clear, make it obvious, but please do not make it overtake the product.

  2. I agree with Rob, if two notebooks are very comparable in quality and features I would pay slight more for the made in USA product just as I would expect someone in the UK to by a UK made product if it was equal. But quality and features will come first in my buying decision.

  3. I buy your products yearly and wish they were available locally in retail as moleskin is. Everything is not on the internet. Nor should it be.

    Made in America used to represent a great quality product that was well-made and lasts a long time and has value….all of your products qualify for that.
    I love seeing made in the USA and try to buy only non-Chinese goods ( they make our bandaids and most other things of use).

    Because the Republicans and Trump have made the slogan represent xenophobia…you name it, I am ashamed, and it makes me quite sad.

    We need to reclaim Made in America and be proud of our products while at the same time embracing the world in all of its shades and hues, political persuations, and spiritual beliefs. Democracy is messy. Your product is not messy, it’s great.

    Do you sell overseas? In the heartland of America? Who is your audience?
    I also would not buy anything of the Trump dynasty, or China when it’s possible.

    I am a hometown Hamburgian, who moved away a million years ago to other parts of the country. Hamburg is still Home. Made in America still resonates with me as long as it is inclusive, not divisive. So glad my planner is made in my home town.

    Thanks for asking. My planner expires in August…Please don’t use my name.

  4. If I’m really excited about a particular notebook, I’ll likely buy it regardless of country of origin. But if I’m looking at two roughly comparable products, I’ll definitely favor the one manufactured in the US to support American workers.

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