Writing Wednesday: Journaling prompts and ideas for National Journal Writing Month

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This month is National Journal Writing Month aka NaJoWriMo! If you are struggling to think of things to journal about every day, you’ve come to the right place for loads of journaling ideas!

Your first stop: this month’s Daily Journaling Prompts. Every month here on Quo Vadis blog we have new journaling prompts for every day of the month. For more journaling prompts and ideas you can see previous months’ Daily Journaling Prompts here.

Also here on Quo Vadis blog every month we have a new theme to think about, journal about, and be mindful of all month. This month’s theme is Opportunities. You can see all the previous month themes here for more journaling ideas.

Visit our Page Per Day Challenge page for lots of ideas for daily journaling, tips on when to write to get into a daily journaling habit, see other people’s daily pages, and more. You just might decide to continue your daily writing for the rest of the year!

And if this month just isn’t a good time for you to do NaJoWriMo, don’t worry: it happens every January, April, July and October so you have several opportunities each year to join in!

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