Time management Moday: When to plan?

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In our current poll in the sidebar, we ask the question: When Do You Plan The Week Ahead?

The current voting results are:

Sunday: 53%

Monday morning: 19%

Friday afternoon: 9%

Other: 19%

Planning the week ahead means looking at what is coming up, and figuring out what you need to do (and when).

This is a good time to prepare for upcoming events or meetings, figure out tasks that need to be done ahead of time, and budget your time for the week.

Many people do meal planning, schedule their exercise, choose which day to run their errands, etc. during their weekly planning sessions.

In reality, a good time to plan your week is a combination of All Of The Above:

Friday afternoon: Look through your week and transfer any undone tasks over to the following week. See if there is anything you need to do this weekend to prepare for the week ahead. Bonus points: evaluate your week and think of what went well, what you could have done better, and what you can improve in the future.

Weekend: Prepare for the week ahead. If you do meal planning, set your menu for the week so you can shop for ingredients. Know what is coming up this week so you can be prepared. Coordinate schedules with your partner and/ or carpool members so you know who is picking up on which days.

Monday morning: Look again at your week’s schedule so you can hit the ground running and have a productive start to your week.

Throughout each day: Keep updating your planner as things get added to your schedule, plans change, and new tasks come your way. Carry your planner with you everywhere so you can update it as things come at you, wherever you are.

When do you like to do your weekly planning?

The planner shown in the photos at the top is the Septanote academic year planner, which has the same format as the Trinote January-December planner.


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