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Quo Vadis, our parent company in France, and Exaclair, based in New York, sponsor Quo Vadis Blog.  Since so many of our readers are outside the U.S. (about 40-45%) we make a genuine effort to present news and topics that would have a global interest.  Laurie Huff manages the blog and is the chief writer.  The readership has grown enormously under her leadership.

Clairefontaine Rhodia, another parent company in France, and Exaclair, sponsor Rhodia Drive, a blog about Rhodia pads and notebooks.  Rhodia is our most popular and fastest-growing brand.  Laurie writes a weekly post on journaling on Rhodia Drive.  Different types of journaling topics, calligraphy and lettering arts are drawing new readers.

There is one key link between the Quo Vadis and Rhodia brands:  Clairefontaine paper.  Different planners, diaries, pads and notebooks have different grammage, paper color and finish, but all the paper is sourced from Papeteries de Clairefontaine in the Vosges, France.  You can read more about the paper, and Clairefontaine’s long-time environmental commitment. 

We don’t know how much reader overlap there is between blogs?  Do you read both, or just one?

For those of you who are not familiar with Rhodia Drive, I invite you to visit the blog, and read Laurie’s excellent posts on bullet journaling.  If you would like to sample Rhodia paper, I suggest you sign up to enter a raffle for our pocket memo books. They are great to carry around to jot notes and ideas.  



5 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Blog and Rhodia Drive

  1. Oh! Did not know about Rhodia Drive but will be checking that out as well. LOVE the QuoVadis blog and Laurie Huff for the prompts/themes and planner articles, etc. Hope to see this continue. And, if the Rhodia Drive is more art-oriented… that is great as well! Another interest of mine. Thanks again!

  2. I am glad that Laurie Huff is getting the praise she deserves. Most corporate blogs come across as “corporate”, but Laurie’s blogs are thoughtful and interesting. I will check out Rhodia Drive as well.

  3. I read both of the blogs for the reason that Thierry says: they have different information. I enjoy reading both. I use the calendars and the paper from both, so they are both pertinent to me.

  4. I personally read both of them : Quo Vadis blog and Rhodia Drive. The reason is that the information is not the same, provides different type of ideas… and because both are good 🙂
    I could resume that Rhodia Drive seems to be more art oriented while QV is more professional oriented, due to the kind of products, obviously.

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