Lauren’s Quo Vadis planners since 1993!

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Lauren has been using Quo Vadis planners since 1993!

It happened this morning:  I missed an appointment because I didn’t write it into my planner.  When I made the appointment we were about to go on vacation, and I didn’t have my little book.  Everything for those two upcoming weeks had been tediously transferred to my iPhone’s calendar, but when I changed timezones on my smart phone, it all went haywire.  I had to adjust each event manually because the timezone function was too complicated.  I have tried going electronic, but that kind of calendaring didn’t work.  It is too easy to make a mistake, such as with AM/PM.  I also tried using paper planners from other brands.  That didn’t go well either.

When I discovered Quo Vadis in 1993, I was becoming a dedicated journal keeper.  I’m a paper and pen person, and I like the flow of ink on smooth paper.  I gave it a go with Trinote,  Traveler and Minister formats, but Notor was and now Business is my mainstay.  In Notor there are my appointments up to 9PM with space for daily writing.  In Business the timeline is one column.  I work with textiles, so of course, my planners got special covers.  The current one is made from vintage Japanese obi cloth.  I always glue a piece of ribbon into the spines as a bookmark.  QV planners are well thought out, as if designed by reading my mind and, as long as QV keeps making planners, I will keep buying them.

I bought my QV planners from the same little stationery store every year.  When we moved, I mail ordered them until the shop went out of business.  I bought them locally but they too went away.  Now I buy online.

Thank you so much for being a long-time loyal Quo Vadis customer Lauren!

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  1. This was a great post! I think a lot of us who use paper planners have had a “fail” with electronic devices. I did and kept missing appointments so finally went back to a paper planner. All of my colleagues use paper planners, and I get a lot of compliments on my QV President, even from students! My QV President is not only an appointment keeper, but also a record of my life. Here’s a photo of my line up. I’m on my fifth year of the QV President. Lauren’s bookshelf is quite impressive!

    • Sandy, yours is looking pretty good too. You’re on your way, and we’re outta here re electronic calendars! –Lauren

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