Daily Journaling Prompts for May 2017

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Continuing our series on daily journaling prompts, here is a list of journaling topics for every day in May! This gives everyone some new ideas for journaling, and can help take the pressure off to think of something to journal about every day, especially for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

1: What do you want to do this month? Write your goals for the month, and think about what you need to do to accomplish them.

2: What are you excited about in the coming month?

3: Make a list of things you can do every day to help you reach your goals. Exercise? Reading? Writing X# of pages of your book/ thesis? Communicate directly with someone? What else?

4: Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! What is your favorite movie? (PS mine is Star Wars. Discuss.)

5: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Write about a time when you overcame difficulty or had unexpected success.

6: Today is National Nurse’s Day. My mom is a nurse, and she is a great one! I’ve always admired her work and her compassion toward others. When was a time when a nurse made a difference in your life, or in the life of someone you love?

7: Today in 1952 “The concept of the integrated circuit, the basis for all modern computers, is first published by Geoffrey Dummer.”  Write a list of 10 ways computers affect your life.

8: Today in 1541 Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River. (Well, he was the first person to discover it besides the people who already lived there.) Imagine you are an explorer and come to a massive river like the Mississippi, which is about 25 feet wide at its narrowest point, and 11 miles at its widest, and is 2,320 miles long. How would you cross the river without a bridge?

9: Continuing the topic of discovery: if you could have “discovered” anywhere in the world, where would you like to have discovered? Describe your journey!

10: “Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.” Bo Bennet Do you think you have the potential for greatness? Are you settling for less than you deserve?

11: Today in 1910, Glacier National Park was established. Have you been to any US national parks? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which US national park would you like to go to and why?

12: What are your favorite outdoor activities? Where do you like to do these activities?

13: What is your favorite type of weather for outdoor activities: hot and sunny? Cool and overcast? Snow?

14: Today is Mother’s Day in the US! List 10 things you appreciate about your mom!

15: Mid-month review! How are your goals coming along? What can you accomplish in the remainder of this month?

16: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein  Do you think you are imaginative?

17: Write about a time in your life when you felt especially imaginative.

18: Today in 1969, Apollo 10 was launched. The astronauts transmitted color images of the Earth from space, allowing viewers at home to see our planet from space. If you could go anywhere in space, where would you go? Why?

19: If you were going to space, which 10 objects would you take with you?

20: If you could bring any 5 people with you to space, who would you bring?

21: Do you remember Hernando de Soto, who “discovered” the Mississippi River (May 8)? Well, today in 1542 he died on the bank of the Mississippi River. (He did manage to cross it). If you could become famous for anything, but you knew you would die doing it, would you choose everlasting fame or would you pass it up?

22: Who is your favorite explorer? Why do you admire that person?

23: In 1817 (not on today’s date), the books Persuasion by Jane Austen and Rob Roy by Walter Scott were published. Which books are popular today that you think people will still be reading 200 years from now?

24: What events are happening/ have happened in the past year that you think will have a lasting impact in your life?

25: On this day in 1977, Star Wars (my favorite movie, see May 4th) was released in theaters. Star Wars was of course hugely popular and created a massive impact on popular culture around the world that we still experience today. Which movies have had an impact on or influenced your life?

26: “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey What does this quote mean to you?

27: This month’s Daily Journaling Prompts have included lots of dates from history. What events are happening now (or recently) that you think will be remembered in history 100 years from now?

28: Look ahead to next month: what events do you need to prepare for?

29: Today is Memorial Day in the US, when we remember those who have died while serving in the armed forces. Write about freedom and what it means to you.

30: What good things happened this month? What were your favorite moments this month?

31: Month review! How did this month go? Which goals did you complete? What do you still need to work on?

The new Daily Journaling Prompts list for the next month comes out on the last Wednesday of each month. Look for June’s DJPs here on Quo Vadis blog Wednesday May 31st!

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