Writing Wednesday: How to keep up on your Page Per Day Challenge

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If you are doing our Page Per Day Challenge, you might find it’s difficult to keep up with writing a page every day. It’s true that daily writing requires a certain amount of discipline and commitment. There are several different types of daily writing, and when you write is just as important as what you write. The key is finding which style is easiest and most enjoyable for you to keep up with. Here are some suggestions:

Throughout the day: I think the easiest way to keep up on writing a page every day is to carry your notebook or daily planner with you and write in it throughout the day. Make it your landing place for anything that comes your way all day: notes, contacts, information, ideas, quotes. Another way to create a great record of your day is to write short messages to yourself. Imagine what you would text to a friend throughout the day and write that on your page: something interesting you saw or heard, information about a news article you read, describe a funny photo you saw online, etc.

Bullet Journaling: This is an extension of the Throughout The Day method. Use your bullet journal to capture notes, events, lists, track goals, etc. See our Simplified Bullet Journaling series for more details on getting started with bullet journaling.

Daily Journaling Prompts: I write a series here on Quo Vadis blog with daily journaling prompts for every day each month. These posts are very popular, and help give you something to write/ journal about every day.

Commonplace book: A commonplace book is different from a diary/ journal or simple notebook. See Wiki for a better explanation than I can give. Basically, it’s a place to take notes according to themes and ideas. I like this article on specifically how and why to keep a commonplace book.

Morning pages: The idea behind morning pages is simple: first thing in the morning (preferably VERY first thing in the morning) write a page full of whatever comes to mind. Because you are limited to just one page, you have to decide what is important enough to go on the page. What ends up being written is very telling: it shows what is at the forefront of your mind. Are you worried? Excited? Thinking about what to do with your life? Obsessed about something? Feel free to psychoanalyze yourself. Morning pages can help you clarify what is on your mind.

Are you participating in our Page Per Day Challenge and/ or do you write daily? What do you write in your daily pages?

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: How to keep up on your Page Per Day Challenge

  1. I have a coworker who comes up with hilarious hashtags for daily calamities. I jot those down in my Quo Vadis planner as part of my page per day. It acts like a memory jog for writing about the event later.

    • That is great! I bet it’s fun to flip back through your book and remember what the calamity du jour was each day from the hashtags. 🙂

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