Top 10 Posts for March 2017

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The year is already 1/4 over! Here are the 10 most-read posts from March:

10: How To Avoid Overcommitment Overwhelm gives you lots of great tips on how to avoid overloading your schedule.

9: Calling All Page Per Day Challengers! If you are doing the Quo Vadis Page Per Day Challenge, we would like to feature you here on Quo Vadis blog!

8: Giveaway: Weekly planners for bullet journaling! The giveaway is closed, but this post has links to show you how to do bullet journaling in the Quo Vadis Hebdo weekly planner and the Plan & Note planner.

7: Time management Monday: Scheduling Tasks helps you figure out if you should designate a specific time for your tasks, and if so, when.

6: Giveaway: MyEssential notebooks. The giveaway is now closed, but in the post you can see lots of photos of the excellent features of these notebooks including page numbers, index pages, fountain pen friendly 90 gsm paper, and more. These notebooks are great for bullet journaling!

5: Time Management Monday: Creating Focus has links to several articles to help you be able to focus on work that really matters to you.

4: Daily Journaling Prompts for March 2017. I’m glad so many people enjoy the Daily Journaling Prompts posts!

3: This post addresses a question I see often: Combined Work And Personal Bullet Journal, Or Separate?

2: This has been one of the most-read posts for a long time: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users. It has great tips for anyone using a planner.

1: This month’s most-read post was How To Keep Up On Your Page Per Day Challenge! It has lots of suggestions on how to use your page each day.

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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