Time management Monday: How Rita uses her Notor page per day planner

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Notor page per day planner

Rita won a Notor page per day planner in our giveaway back in December. She is using it in several different ways at once:

I use my planner to jot down the funny things my co-worker says about office goings on.

I’m also using the calendar at the top to remind myself of important meetings, and I keep up with my exercise.

The size is smaller than the Quo Vadis Note 27, but the compact size means I can take the planner to conferences and write during lunch breaks.

I’ve also used the notes section in the page-per-day planner to organize my to-do list for job applications. I’m trying to get back into teaching, and there are lots of documents to track down and former colleagues to contact for references; the compact size allows me to sneak in a few things and not worry about other people being able to see.

Both of my Quo Vadis planners have quality paper, a professional cover, and very handy sheets in the back for addresses/expenditures and notes. Thanks again for such great products.

Thank you so much for your feedback Rita! I’m glad you are enjoying your Notor.

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