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One of the features I love about Quo Vadis planners is the refillable covers that can be used year after year.

I have used the Trinote weekly planner (or the academic year version Septanote) for many years, and I like to get a different cover each year so I can change the covers seasonally or according to my mood.

Here are some of my Trinote/ Septanote covers I’ve amassed over the years:


Texture: I love the soft, smooth texture of the Soho covers (blue) and Texas covers (violet).

Color: I love the fun colors of the Club covers (turquoise and lilac).

Discontinued: I still have some covers that are no longer offered, like the Jade green Soya cover (left) and the Spring green Club cover (right).

Custom leather cover: I even have a custom-made leather cover by Innovative Journaling (formerly Renaissance-Art)

Which are your favorite planner covers?

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