Week on Right…or Left?

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Do you prefer the week on the left or the right side of the book?

Right now, all of our planners with week and notes page spreads –Space 24, Space 17, Note 27 and Rhodia large and pocket–show the week on the left, and notes on the right.

A customer called me the other day to complain.  He said he would prefer the week on the right, since that is where he intuitively looked.

I automatically look at the left side of the book first.  Although, as a left-hander, and as a person who uses paper planners primarily to jot notes, having the notes page on the left would work well for me.

What works for you?


7 thoughts on “Week on Right…or Left?

  1. PLEASE don’t change our beloved Space 24 just because one or two people want it to be different. I have used it for years and couldn’t stay organized without it. I have many more notes than appointments, so notes on the right works great for me.

  2. On the left for me. When I open any book I start reading at the top of the left hand page. I wonder if that is different in countries where the language reads in a different direction to English?

  3. I’ve honestly never thought about asking for this to be changed! I’m so used to planners having it on the left, that is where I look for that format … I wonder if that would make a difference in how I used it and what I recorded in the diary vs notes page.

  4. I would prefer the right as well. More because I write more on the date blocks than the notes and don’t want the crease under my hand. Easier to hold it one-handed with cover in left hand and pen in right.

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