Top 10 Posts for February 2017

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We are coming toward the end of the shortest month of the year! Here are the 10 most read posts from this month:

10: Bullet Journaling in the Quo Vadis Plan and Note planner shows you an easy way to do bullet journaling with the open format Plan and Note planner.

9: Simplifed Bullet Journaling Part 1: Notes and Tasks gets you started with the most basic principles of bullet journaling.

8: This one’s not a single post, it’s our Simplified Bullet Journaling category with 4 different posts to get you started with bullet journaling in a quick and easy way.

7: NoPenIntended did a great review of our new Plan & Note planner!

6: In Writing Wednesday: Combined Work and Personal Bullet Journal, or Separate? I give you reasons why you might want to use the same notebook for work and personal bullet journaling, and some reasons why you might want to keep them in separate notebooks.

5: In Time Management Monday: Work Like a Pessimist I give you tips on how to be prepared for those times when your short, mid- and long-range plans don’t work out the way you expected them to.

4: In Week On Right Or Left? Karen asks which page you prefer your schedule to be on in week + notes planners. The majority of people asked us to keep it as-is with the schedule page on the left, but a couple of people said they would prefer it on the right. Which do you prefer?

3: This post has been on the most-read list for a long time now: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users has planner-use tips that are useful for novices and seasoned planner users alike.

2: Our monthly Daily Journaling Prompts are always very popular! This month the Daily Journaling Prompts for February 2017 was the second most-read post. Look for the Daily Journaling Prompts for the upcoming month on the last Wednesday of each month.

1: And in the most-read post in February, we talk about Inkophile’s post on different reasons to journal in Writing Wednesday: Why Journal?

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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