Time management Monday: How much detail do you need in your day?

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How well your planner works for you depends on how much detail you need to see in your day. Some people need to see their day timed to the half hour. This works well if you are very busy and have a lot to fit into each day. Other people need less structure to their day spaces so they can have the flexibility of writing notes with their schedule. And some people need something in-between.

Less detail: If you want your day spaces to be open without restrictions, times or boxes, you want an open-format planner.

The lined spaces allow you to write whatever you need: scheduled events, tasks, reminders, and notes. You can even use the day spaces differently day to day, however suits your needs at the moment.

Here are some open-format planners:

The Plan & Note planner comes in Pocket or A5 size, both are very portable so they can go with you everywhere.

Plan and Note planner

The desk size Hebdo weekly planner and pocket size Sapa X also have open formats.

Large Hebdo and pocket size Sapa X open format planners

More detail: If you need a little bit of structure to your days but want plenty of space for tasks and notes each week, take a look at the week + notes planners. The days are timed to the hour to help you plan out your schedule, and the notes page each week gives you flexibility to add lists, sketches, write directions, and jot any information right down on your weekly page. No more lost sticky notes and random information written wherever! You can keep it all in your planner.

The Space 24 week + notes planner has a large page size but the book is still slim and portable enough to carry in your bag.

Space 24 weekly planner

The larger Note 27 is perfect if you have lots of notes each week. If you want a pocket size version, it’s the Space 17.

Note 27, Space 24 and Space 17 week + notes planners

Most detail: If you are very busy and need more structure to your day, check out our planners with timed daily columns and lists spaces each week. The large timed area lets you see the details of your schedule for the entire day. The categorized list boxes keep your tasks organized so you can always see what you need to do and when you have time to do it. These planners have loads of productivity features built right in.

The Trinote planner (and larger Prenote planner) have notes spaces each day for your daily tasks and reminders.

Trinote weekly planner with timed daily columns

The compact Minister, pocket size Business and desk size President planners give you maximum space for your schedule and weekly lists.

Trinote and Minister weekly planners

To see these and all our other Quo Vadis planners, go to QuoVadisPlanners.com.

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