Quo Vadis Daily Pocket planner 2017

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Quo Vadis is a worldwide brand, producing planners for many countries around the world. Some products are only available in certain countries or areas of the world. In this series we show products that are not in the US lineup but are available from Quo Vadis UK (which does ship internationally).

Quo Vadis UK ships worldwide. You can use XE.com or similar conversion to see the prices in your currency. You can contact Quo Vadis UK for international shipping costs information.

This is the Daily Pocket Habana planner:

This little planner measures 13 by 8.8 cm (5 1/8 by 3 1/2 inches), so it’s small enough to go everywhere with you. This is the sold-out purple color, it also comes in black and raspberry which are still available (click here) as of today.

The Daily Pocket planners have the soft-touch yet firm Habana cover. It has an elastic strap closure to keep it closed in your pocket or bag. (You can click on photos for a larger view.)

The Daily Pocket is the European multi-languge version in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch.

It has super-smooth 60 gsm Prestige Ivory paper.

This little planner is absolutely packed with features. I’ll walk you through the planner.

There are conversion tables, and a page for your personal info.

There are monthly planning calendars.

There is a full page for every day, even Saturdays and Sundays. Days are timed 8am-9pm with space for notes. At the top of each day there is a space for the day’s priority.

There is a woven placemarker. European holidays are indicated on the days.

Here you can see a closer view of the holidays, which are marked by the abbreviation for each country.

There’s loads of information in the back of the book. There is an anno-planner for the following year, allowing you to see the entire year at a glance.

There are international information pages including telephone access codes and international holidays.

Maps maps maps! I love maps. There is a world time zone map, and then loads of full color maps of European countries.

And full color maps of all the continents!

These are just some of the maps.

Inside the back of the book there is a Notes booklet with matching ivory lined pages. The pages are microperforated for easy removal.

There is an accordion pocket inside the back pocket that can hold business cards, receipts, papers, etc.

This is a great little planner to take everywhere with you so you can always check your schedule or jot a reminder wherever you are.

You can buy this planner with worldwide shipping from www.QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.

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  1. I haven’t chosen a Quo Vadis planner for this year, among other things, because too many that would be suitable for me layout-wise use the “presige ivory” paper. My paper planners’ pages must be white. Making do this year with TeuxDeux (online tool), a Filofax for various categorized notes, and FieldNotes-sized notebooks for daily notes.

    • It’s true that many of the European planners use the ivory paper. QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk has a good selection of white-paper planners from the US lineup, some of which are very similar to the Prestige versions (Minister vs Minister Prestige for example). You might look through their selection and see if there is something suitable for you there. I hope this helps!

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