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I joined the Page Per Day Challenge with many other readers last year.  I selected a small book, so I wouldn’t have a lot to write each day!  I also wanted it to have a leather cover, since the experience of personal writing is so tactile for me, opening and closing the book as I make my daily entry.

My Page Per Day Challenge journal combines two things.  It is an inspirational “minute book” of quotes that spiritually resonate with me; and also a daily diary noting my biggest “surprise” of the day.   I enjoy reading them as much as selecting the quote and day’s surprise.  The two often don’t match at all.

The quotes have come from Pope Francis, hymns, poems, newspaper interviews, dialog from comics, and books. One of my favorites is from The Long Long Life of Trees by Fiona Stafford, when she describes walking inside the Bowthorpe Oak in Lincolnshire: “….like stepping from ordinary domesticity into the presence of some immortal being–ancient, wrinkled, yet oddly welcoming.” I can just imagine that wonderful feeling.

I have to confess that sometimes I have struggled to find the discipline to write each day.  Sometimes a week or two will lapse between entries, and once two months.  For some reason, I doggedly keep at it in spite of failures and shortcomings.  Maybe there’s a spiritual lesson there, too.


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