G Lalo cards and envelopes winners

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Many thanks to everyone who participated in our G Lalo cards and envelopes giveaway! Here are the lucky winners:
Laura P
David C
Veronica M
Esther K
Marji P
Jennifer D
Gino P
Maria C
Jane H
Barbora C
Pamela K
Julia L
Amy T
Alla D
Nora C
Donna G
Spenser C
Sharon A
Ann T
Susan J
Ayzit D
Gini C
Ariel A
LeRoy L
Kenneth C
Rory B
Ted A
Stephanie J
Diana O
Kira L
Rusty S
Susan F
Jane J
Jean M
Angela W
Ashli K
Stacie M
Joanne H
Brigitta H
Tünde L
Robert K
Vasileios M
Gill W
John A
Drazen D
Susan G
Thierry D
Amit Y
Allan E

Congratulations! Winners have already been contacted via email.

Look for more giveaways soon here on Quo Vadis blog!

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