Bullet Journaling in the Quo Vadis Plan & Note planner

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If you want to get started with bullet journaling but are overwhelmed with all the photos online, here is a guide to get you started simply and easily.

The bullet journal method can be used in any notebook or planner. Some people hesitate to write on that first page of a new notebook, or feel like they aren’t sure where to start with bullet journaling.

A quick and easy way to start bullet journaling is to use an open-format planner. This gives you a little bit of a framework to guide you, but is still free-form to allow maximum flexibility of use.

The Plan and Note planner has a completely open weekly format with no times or boxes, so you can use the day spaces however works best for you. In fact you can use them differently day to day if you like.

Plan and Note planner weekly open format

Some days might be full of tasks or appointments. Other days might be used for journaling space. Often, you’ll probably use the days for all three, in varying proportions.

Below are some examples of bullet journaling in the Plan and Note planner. You can click on the photos for a larger view.

Below you can see I used black ink for reminders, appointments and tasks, and blue ink to record information. On Friday I wrote my food diary. On Saturday I used the space for some journaling.

There is a space on the weekly page for lists and notes. This is a great place for tasks and reminders.

The Plan and Note planner also has monthly pages, which I like to use in two ways: to see an overview of what’s coming up, and as an index of events. I make a short note of significant events, renewals, bills paid, etc. Then I write more details on the day space in the weekly pages. This gives me a quick overview of what happened when, and I can look at the day for more information.

There is also an anno-planner with the entire year across a two-page spread. This is a great place to see holidays, travel, and due dates. You can also use this as a tracker for daily spending, exercise, health, mood, or anything else you want a quick visual on.

The Plan and Note planner has white 90g paper so you can color code with pens and highlighters without worrying about ink bleeding through the pages.

Plan & Note planner

The portable size, rounded corners and elastic closure strap allow you to take your Plan and Note planner with you everywhere.

For more information on the Plan and Note planner click here, and to see where to order click here.

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