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We’ve had great feedback from the winners of our Booklets giveaway last summer. It’s been fun to see all the different ways people are using their Clairefontaine, Rhodia and Quo Vadis booklets!

Gino said: “I’ve been using Quo Vadis to make notes for the types of tea I’ve been drinking. As I try a tea from various tea brokers I tape in the label if I can and make my tasting notes.”

Ashli shared some photos of how she is using her booklet:

I’ve been using my booklet to keep a record of my warm ups for one of the classes I teach. I love the size – not too small, not too large. Of course I love the paper quality; I know this will last forever. I also like that it takes any pen or highlighter I want to use. The first picture shows ink from a Retro 51 Schmidt refill and Kirarich glitter highlighters. The second picture shows ink from a needlepoint Pilot Energel and a Sharpie highlighters.




Molly posted a review of her Rhodia booklet on her blog Life In Theme.

Donna was on Rhodia Drive to show us how she uses her Rhodia booklet as a crafts planner. And Patrick showed us how he used his Rhodia booklet as his trip planner.

Gini shared her comments on our Facebook page:

Thanks to Laurie and Karen Doherty for their generous giveaways. I’m using the notebook as a dos-a-dos book for pen/ink combos in the front half and ink color swatches in the back half, flipping the book to access each section. I can always trust Rhodia to not feather or bleed and show through is very minimal with fountain pens. There was one spot that bleed through a bit due to the scratchy dip nib that was applied a bit to vigorously. This is the perfect notebook for fountain pens and I’m thrilled for the inspiration to get started on a record of ink colors. I have a mini Rhodia notebook that I’d been using for ink/pen record, but there just wasn’t enough room. I’m happy to have more room and a place to record ink colors.



Alan shared a photo of his artwork in his Rhodia booklet along with the link to his review post.



Maria said:

Here is how I use my Clarefontaine notebook with my Quo Vadis planner:  the “to do” list complements my daily calendar and helps me be more efficient.

Lisa had this to say about her booklet:

I LOVE this little booklet! I have an affinity for bound books, and especially for books that fit into other books, so when I saw that this particular notebook would fit into my Quo Vadis Scholar, I knew I wanted one. When I was much younger I came across an old military album which belonged to a family member. It contained photos of ships and planes and faraway places, along with notations, a smallish version of the New Testament, and a piece of fabric from a plane that went down during maneuvers. The album has passed down through the family and is no longer in my possession, but I continue to have fond memories of it. My book is not nearly as exciting…I use it for pen tests, handwriting practice, as a perpetual calendar, quotes I want to remember, a very simplistic version of a commonplace book (I’ve just recently begun to explore these. I found a reference in a Sherlock Holmes novel and I am hooked!), and a place to paste in momentos from trips, also business cards or ephemera I find interesting. My version of Quo Vadis Notes contained blank pages so I downloaded and laminated a handwriting guide to use with it. Next I will be ordering the Rhodia dot grid, which I am looking forward to…if the paper quality is anywhere near as good as Quo Vadis, I will be very happy. Thanks again for offering this giveaway!

Frank had this to say about his booklet:

To call this a Notebook is to diminish its qualities and possibilities.
I think of mine as a place for creative thinking and exploring, for
playing “what if,” and for an opportunity to stretch my seeing. And, I
feel I’ve only really tested so little of its capabilities.

The paper, being Clairefontaine, is an instant winner for smooth
surface, durability, and easy to work with. Despite having handled some
sample sheets, I was unprepared to how well it accepts a variety of wet
medium, like watercolor pencil, opague tempera, colored pencil, and even
coffee which I spilled on a page! Pen and ink are a natural for the
surface of the paper and I’m impressed with the drying qualities of the
paper. No smudges or runs.

I used the notebook to capture notes from an on-line class and it works
well. Its portability allowed me to carry it to the summitt of a local
mountain where I did a hurried sketch. In both cases size and easy
handling made it a great companion.

I just like the product! It gives more than just value.

Here are some photos from Frank’s notebook:


And here are some photos of LaVonne’s Clairefontaine booklet in her traveler’s notebook style cover:









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